Embrace Pride and Privilege with GO Bermondsey Private Offices

Everyone from entrepreneurs and startups to freelancers appreciates coworking spaces because they are a collaborative and affordable method to find workspaces. GO Bermondsey now provides private offices as a new addition to their coworking space packages. The well-furnished and consciously designed private offices in Bermondsey provide both the benefits of coworking and the seclusion of a private office.

Our private workspaces are the perfect blend of the comfort of home and cutting-edge design principles that motivate employees to unleash their creativity and help one another realize their potential.

Book a unique private office space in Bermondsey that offers much more than a typical office environment. It will foster your development and well-being, leading to more content and fulfilling work life.

Benefits Of GO Bermondsey Private Offices

• Perfect for a private meeting in a professional setting

• Practical and affordable for small teams

• Lockable door for more discretion

• Prevent unintentional data loss or theft

• Create an environment where you can thrive

• Remove the barriers present in conventional workplace environments

• Allow teams to gather, meet and participate in conferences


• A sustainable, fully equipped private workspace

• Open communal spaces

• Dedicated desk to focus in a private setting

• Located on the ground floor

• Internet bandwidth of up to 1 GB

• Heritage building transformed into a sustainable office space

Why Choose Private Office Space In GO Bermondsey?

Convenient Location

We provide private office space in a heritage building that has been transformed into a coworking space. It is easily accessible from the London Bridge Station. The city, Waterloo, and Westminster are a quarter of an hour away in the tube. The office is conveniently situated on the ground floor and offers private and secure access to each unit.

Helps Startups Thrive

The requirement for modern office space makes it one of the largest expenses for startups. Our private workspace takes care of everything. You can walk in with your team, find a place to gather, complete your work, and leave. What's more, you can rent the office space for 1 hour to 5 years.

Prioritizes Your Safety In The Workplace

Our priority is the health and safety of all members and staff in our private offices. We follow regular cleaning and disinfection schedules and offer complimentary sanitization supplies in our spaces. Community wellness guidelines are followed relating to COVID-19.

Full Range Of Services And Privileges

All members have access to special services and privileges, such as meeting space, office assistance, kitchen amenities, mail management, printing and scanning, and secure parking space.

All members have access to special services and privileges, such as meeting space, office assistance, kitchen amenities, mail management, printing and scanning, and secure parking space.

Spaces Designed For Productivity

Our private workspaces have ample natural light and greenery, stimulating the mind and enhancing productivity. The refined traditional aesthetic supports hybrid work patterns and caters to modern professionals who expect high flexibility at work.

Embrace Your Workplace With Pride

Housed in a heritage building, our private office space in Bermondsey exhibits an excellent amalgamation of historical and contemporary design elements. A mix of rich heritage and ultra-contemporary style, this workspace provides an extraordinary employee experience to Londoners.

Perfect For Your Business And Your People

GO Bermondsey takes a leap from traditional offices and provides ultra-modern workspaces with all the desired amenities. The traditional aesthetics combined with modern interiors make it one of the unique private offices in London.


  • What type of Private offices does GO Bermondsey offer?
  • Located in a heritage building, our private office seamlessly blends historical and contemporary design elements, providing an exceptional employee experience in London.
  • Our private workspaces provide a productive and traditional aesthetic with natural light, greenery, and flexibility for modern professionals.
  • Our private office spaces have meeting space, office assistance, kitchen amenities, mail management, printing and scanning, and secure parking.
  • The private office is conveniently accessible from London Bridge Station and just 15 minutes by tube to Waterloo and Westminster.


  • How many locations does GO Bermondsey have?

Currently, GO Bermondsey has coworking office space with meeting rooms, dedicated desks, and private offices in one location. We have plans to expand in the future.


  • How do private office reservations work?

You have to click on the “Book Online '' option at the bottom right corner and fill in the details like name, contact number, accommodation type, work email, date, time, and “how did you hear about us” to reserve with us. You can also write or call us at: - | +44 (0) 203 465 9123

  • Are there additional costs for amenities and services such as mail, printing, or Wi-Fi?

No, the total price includes rent, service charges, business rates, utilities, broadband, cleaning, and bookable meeting rooms.

  • Does GO Bermondsey offer on-site parking?

Yes, we offer flexible parking options, including for visitors.

Private Offices

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Consciously Designed Spaces

GO Bermondsey is a leading private office rental and coworking space provider in the heart of London. Offering consciously-designed coworking spaces and private offices, we go beyond the ordinary. We have built a fully-serviced office community that fosters collaboration and innovation, each day. Owning infrastructure can be daunting for small businesses, with the burden of hiring receptionists, cleaning crews, and security personnel. However, when you rent our coworking space, these staffing needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Whether you need a secluded private office to focus or a flexible work station, we have you covered. Some of the fastest-growing brands have found their home at GO Bermondsey, a testament to the success stories born within our dynamic community.

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Elevate Your Work Experience

At GO Bermondsey, we have crafted private work spaces that combine the best of both worlds - the benefits of coworking combined with a private office's seclusion. Our offices are designed on cutting-edge design principles to inspire creativity and foster collaboration among professionals striving to reach their full potential.

Each unit comes with a private lockable entrance ensuring privacy and security, allowing you to focus on what matters the most without distraction. Private work spaces situated across three floors are well-lit and come adorned with potted foliage and greenery – an ambience that boosts productivity and enhances well-being. Our thoughtfully-designed spaces support hybrid work patterns, catering to modern professionals who value flexibility in their workspace.

Benefits of GO Bermondsey Private Offices

Choose our consciously-designed private office spaces for a fulfilling work life. Rent private offices in London to collaborate, meet, and grow your business.

private office space for rent

Perfect for private and focused work in a professional setting

private office for rent

Lockable doors for complete privacy

private office space Bermondsey

An environment designed to help you thrive

private office space for rent

Lounge access and bookable meeting rooms

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact our team for a free consultation and discover the right solution for your needs.

Private Offices
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Join a Thriving Community of Entrepreneurs

GO Bermondsey is more than just a place to work from; it is a thriving community of innovators and collaborators. Our coworking space brings together startups, freelancers, and established businesses, fostering an ecosystem of creativity and support. Whether you are a mid-sized company or a thriving startup looking for a private office space to rent in London, our private offices are the perfect setting for focused work and collaboration.

At GO Bermondsey, we are committed to providing an environment supporting your development and inspiring creativity.

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