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Ignite Ideas in Inspiring Meeting Rooms

Discover our meeting rooms in London. Nestled in a charming heritage building, GO Bermondsey offers you flexible, customisable meeting spaces that are designed to elevate your business interactions. We offer meeting rooms of all sizes and configurations, from cosy huddle rooms to spacious boardrooms. Each room has a distinct aesthetic and comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support your meeting requirements. With a dedicated team catering to your needs, top-notch amenities, and the option to hire flexibly, our meeting rooms offer unmatched convenience.

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Meeting Spaces: Designed for Your Success 

Step into the realm of professional efficiency with GO Bermondsey's meeting room spaces. Whether you're pitching to an existing or new client, sharing ideas with colleagues, or conducting workshops and seminars, our meeting rooms are designed to drive success. GO Bermondsey offers the freedom to book rooms by the hour or for the entire day, allowing you to choose the option that best saves time and resources for your business. Our hassle-free meeting room solutions will help enhance your business image and maximise collaborative opportunities. Schedule a tour today!

Why Choose GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms that Meet Your Needs at GO Bermondsey

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Ideal for client meetings in a professional setting

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Flexible spaces that cater to every requirement

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Provide a private setting, free from interference

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Foster productivity and collaboration among employees

Make it Yours, Bespoke Meeting Rooms

We provide spaces that are tailored to your needs and will support all your meeting objectives. Be it conducting client meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops, video conferencing or team-building activities.

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Meeting Rooms - GO Bermondsey

Elevate Your Meetings with Our Standout Amenities

We take care of all the details, so you can take care of business. Our meeting rooms at GO Bermondsey offer you a range of facilities - high-speed internet, flexible seating, built-in storage, kitchen facilities, printing and scanning, secure parking, breakout spaces, audio-visual equipment, professional organising services, projectors, screens and whiteboards.

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