GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms that Meet Your Needs 

Meeting rooms at GO Bermondsey promise a hub of activity along with fruitful implementations at work. They provide the impetus needed for expanding businesses and for coordinating efforts internally. You and your team can participate, brainstorm ideas and engage in the important conversations, easily attaining the focused environment required for collaboration.

Our fully furnished meeting rooms in Bermondsey are ideal for conducting client meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops, video conferencing or team-building activities. The meeting rooms will render your meetings engaging, constructive, and productive while ensuring privacy. You can book our spectacular meeting rooms by the hour or for a day.

We take care of everything else while you focus on your business. Just book a meeting or conference room with GO Bermondsey and get started!


Benefits of GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms

  •  Ideal for client meetings in a professional setting
  •  Maintain privacy and confidentiality
  •  Provide a tranquil setting free from interference
  •  Adequately accommodate all team members
  • Promote stronger professional relationships between clients and coworkers
  • Offer every conceivable required assistance
  • Ideal for startups, SMEs, corporates & freelancers


  • Comfortable seating
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connection
  • Audio-visual and other equipments
  • Professional organising services
  • Sufficient floor space
  • High vaulted ceiling
  • Adequate power supply and outlets
  • Markers and whiteboards



Why Choose GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms?


Best Location

We provide meeting rooms in London at a heritage building converted into a coworking space. The coworking space is conveniently located near the London Bridge Station. The city, Waterloo, and Westminster stations are a 15-minute tube ride away.


Meeting Rooms To Meet Your Needs

We have meeting rooms of every size and shape, from small to huge board rooms. Each meeting or conference room has a distinct aesthetic and is equipped with cutting-edge technology to support your meeting goals.


Poised For Productivity & Collaboration

The likelihood of productivity among employees increases with a dedicated meeting area. Our meeting rooms are ideal for fostering team collaboration, resulting in better ideas, efficiency and growth. You cannot help but accomplish your goals more briskly!


State-Of-The-Art Facility

Our meeting rooms in Bermondsey offer a range of amenities to conduct your meetings more lively. Whether for brainstorming sessions or hosting presentations, you’ll have access to a projector, screen, whiteboards, and markers for all attendees. The meeting rooms are also equipped with Wi-Fi and other audio-visual facilities, making it effortless to organize online conferences or meetings.


Covid-19 Safety Measures

We are concerned for your well-being and want to ensure you’re safe while using the meeting rooms at our coworking space. All Covid-19 safety precautions are adhered to, including cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces, distanced seating, protection kits for everyone, and regular temperature screening.


Competent Professionalism

Our conference rooms go a long way in assisting your company appear more professional to potential clients and customers. It will demonstrate your dedication to the work you do and the willingness to put your money where your mouth is. Startups and business owners seeking new contracts or a larger consumer base may highly benefit from this.


Tailored for Privacy

Do you envision a hectic, distracting setting where it will be challenging to conduct business when you encounter the phrase “meeting rooms at a coworking space”? Rest easy. Within the ensconced space of our meeting rooms, your privacy and peace of mind would never be an issue.


Worth Every Penny

At GO Bermondsey, you may hire a meeting room and enjoy all its privileges without having to deal with any additional inconveniences. The charges for renting a meeting or conference room cover the use of the room, furniture, internet access, and other facilities. It can save you time and money by removing the need to set them up and pay for their maintenance. 


  • Do you have meeting rooms?

Yes, GO Bermondsey has meeting rooms in London with all the basic amenities so that you and your client can discuss business here.


  • How do I book a meeting room?

To book a meeting room in our office space, you have to visit our website.

  • Go go online at
  • Now, click on the option “Book Online” blinking at the bottom right corner
  • You will be taken to a page where you must provide details about hours, dates, the number of people attending the meeting, etc.
  • Once you fill in these details, a list of available meeting rooms will appear
  • Now, you have to select any one of them and leave your name and email address
  • You may also write or call us at: - | +44 (0) 203 465 9123


  • Is car parking available with the meeting rooms?

Yes, we offer flexible parking options, including for visitors.


  • What’s included in the rental price?

The price includes rent, service charges, business rates, utilities, broadband, cleaning and bookable meeting rooms.


  • Do I need to book a coworking space in addition to a meeting room?

No, you don’t have to book a coworking space in addition to a meeting room. Do just that if you require a meeting room for a few hours.

Meeting Rooms

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Ignite Ideas in Inspiring Meeting Rooms

Discover our meeting rooms in London. Nestled in a charming heritage building, GO Bermondsey offers you flexible, customisable meeting spaces that are designed to elevate your business interactions. We offer meeting rooms of all sizes and configurations, from cosy huddle rooms to spacious boardrooms. Each room has a distinct aesthetic and comes equipped with state-of-the-art technology to support your meeting requirements. With a dedicated team catering to your needs, top-notch amenities, and the option to hire flexibly, our meeting rooms offer unmatched convenience.

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Designed With You in Mind

Experience the convenience of GO Bermondsey’s versatile meeting rooms. Whether you wish to impress a potential client, brainstorm and share ideas with your colleagues, or conduct workshops and seminars, we have a space just for you. You may book our meeting rooms by the hour or for a day – choose what saves you time and resources. Elevate your business image and make the most of collaborative opportunities with our hassle-free meeting room solutions.

Why Choose GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms that Meet Your Needs at GO Bermondsey

meeting space

Ideal for client meetings in a professional setting

flexible workspace office

Flexible spaces that cater to every requirement

meeting room rental

Provide a private setting, free from interference

office meeting room

Foster productivity and collaboration among employees

Make it Yours, Bespoke Meeting Rooms

We provide spaces that are tailored to your needs and will support all your meeting objectives. Be it conducting client meetings, presentations, seminars, workshops, video conferencing or team-building activities.

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Elevate Your Meetings with Our Standout Amenities

We take care of all the details, so you can take care of business. Our meeting rooms at GO Bermondsey offer you a range of facilities - high-speed internet, flexible seating, built-in storage, kitchen facilities, printing and scanning, secure parking, breakout spaces, audio-visual equipment, professional organising services, projectors, screens and whiteboards.

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