What makes GO Bermondsey Coworking Space different?

GO Bermondsey, a leading office rental and coworking space provider, aims to create a fully serviced office community. Their unique approach to the workplace—a flawless fusion of traditional and modern design — sets them apart.

What are your opening and closing hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Can I invite clients or guests?

Yes, you can invite clients or guests if you have reserved a private office or meeting room at the GO Bermondsey coworking space.

Can I choose to use the space for the day?

Yes, you can reserve a day pass to gain access to the premium amenities available to all members.

Can I bring my pet in?

Yes, pets are allowed at the GO Bermondsey rental and coworking space. They must be friendly, well-mannered and get along well with other pets and members.

Can I use GO Bermondsey as my registered business address?

Yes, if you have a tenancy with us, you can register your business at Maltings.

Is the GO Bermondsey Coworking Space green?

Yes, GO Bermondsey rental and coworking office spaces are located within a fully enclosed, private garden oasis in Maltings. It is surrounded by hanging plants and illuminated by natural light.

Do you have a Reception / Concierge?

Yes, we have a reception that is open all day to offer assistance. After regular business hours, the front desk is staffed by security.

What about deliveries?

Deliveries can be accepted and held at the front desk for later pickup.

Is there car parking?

Yes, we offer flexible parking options, including for visitors, at Maltings.

What businesses use GO Bermondsey Coworking Space?

GO Bermondsey coworking space offers top-notch shared amenities to all kinds of businesses - small, medium, or large. From startups and freelancers to large businesses with remote workers, some of the fastest-growing brands are operating from GO Bermondsey.

Is GO Bermondsey good for networking?

Many startups and emerging businesses operate out of GO Bermondsey, a place where they can interact with new people, gain experiences, and thrive. It encourages networking and collaboration opportunities and helps businesses to expand their brands.

GO Bermondsey-Coworking Office Space in Bermondsey, London