What makes GO Bermondsey Coworking Space different?

GO Bermondsey, a leading office rental and coworking space provider, aims to create a fully serviced office community. Their unique approach to the workplace—a flawless fusion of traditional and modern design — sets them apart.

What are your opening and closing hours?

We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Can I invite clients or guests?

Yes, you can invite clients or guests if you have reserved a private office or meeting room at the GO Bermondsey coworking space.

Can I choose to use the space for the day?

Yes, you can reserve a day pass to gain access to the premium amenities available to all members.

Can I bring my pet in?

Yes, pets are allowed at the GO Bermondsey rental and coworking space. They must be friendly, well-mannered and get along well with other pets and members.

Can I use GO Bermondsey as my registered business address?

Yes, if you have a tenancy with us, you can register your business at Maltings.

Is the GO Bermondsey Coworking Space green?

Yes, GO Bermondsey rental and coworking office spaces are located within a fully enclosed, private garden oasis in Maltings. It is surrounded by hanging plants and illuminated by natural light.

Do you have a Reception / Concierge?

Yes, we have a reception that is open all day to offer assistance. After regular business hours, the front desk is staffed by security.

What about deliveries?

Deliveries can be accepted and held at the front desk for later pickup.

Is there car parking?

Yes, we offer flexible parking options, including for visitors, at Maltings.

What are the average rental costs for office space in GO - Garden Office Bermondsey, London?

The average rental costs for office spaces at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey, London, vary depending on the size and type of workspace you select. The monthly cost of private office space ranges from £6000 per month for 12 desks to £16950 per month for 30 desks.

Are there additional costs involved in renting an office space beyond the rent?

The total cost of renting office space at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey includes a range of amenities, such as high-speed internet access, kitchen amenities, cleaning services, office assistance, and more. So, you don’t have to worry about paying any additional fees.

What lease terms are generally available for office spaces in Bermondsey?

GO - Garden Office Bermondsey offers a 12-month rolling agreement for office spaces so that you don’t have to commit to a longer term.

What types of office layouts are available?

GO - Garden Office Bermondsey offers two types of office layouts to cater to various business requirements: private offices and meeting rooms.

What kind of amenities can I expect with office spaces in Bermondsey?

GO - Garden Office Bermondsey office spaces provide a range of amenities, including access to dedicated meeting rooms, high-speed internet, office assistance, cleaning services, kitchen amenities, break-out areas, secure parking facilities, and more.

How do I know if Bermondsey is the right location for my business?

Bermondsey is a vibrant area with a rich history and a thriving business community. It offers easy access to the City, Waterloo, and Westminster, along with cutting-edge tech infrastructure and flexible space options, making it a prime location for many businesses.

What should I look for during an office space visit at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey?

When scheduling an office space visit at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey, you should consider key factors, such as workspace layout, meeting rooms, internet connectivity, furniture and amenities, networking opportunities, privacy, reception services, breakout areas, parking facilities, and overall atmosphere.

Is there room for expansion in GO - Garden Office Bermondsey office spaces?

Our office spaces can accommodate anywhere from 12 desks to 30 desks, so you can easily upgrade to a larger workspace as your business grows.

Can I customise or renovate the office space to fit my business needs?

Yes, you can customise or renovate the office space at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey to meet your unique business requirements. Our dedicated team will help you customise the workspace according to your needs.

Is there a deposit required, and if so, how much?

Yes, a security deposit is required. This is usually the equivalent to 3 months’ rent and is to be paid before the start of the lease agreement.

What is the policy on subleasing the space?

Subletting is not allowed. If you wish to share an office with another company, please discuss this with the GO - Garden Office Bermondsey team.

How accessible is the office outside regular business hours?

Depending on the agreed terms, up to 24/7 access is available. The security team remains on site outside of regular working hours.

What security measures are in place (CCTV, security personnel, entry systems)?

GO - Garden Office Bermondsey prioritises the safety and security of its members. To guarantee a safe working environment, we have CCTV surveillance in place and security personnel on duty.

How is the office cleaned and maintained, and who is responsible for these services?

Our dedicated cleaning staff at GO - Garden Office Bermondsey ensures regular office cleaning and maintenance. The cleaning services are included in the rental price to provide a seamless and comfortable working environment.

Are there any restrictions on signage or branding in the office or building exterior?

GO-Garden Office Bermondsey will work with you on your internal branding requirements. External signage, with your company name on it, will be mounted for you when you move in.

How many tables are available in Private offices?

Private offices are furnished with a table for each desk. The number of tables available varies based on the size of the office you select.

How big are your office meeting rooms?

We offer meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations. Each room has a unique design and is equipped with cutting-edge technology to match your meeting requirements.

How can I maintain the privacy of my business when renting office space in GO - Garden Office Bermondsey?

To maintain the privacy of your business, you can choose a private office at GO-Garden Office Bermondsey. Private offices have lockable spaces that offer an ideal environment for focused work and confidentiality of your business operations.

What businesses use GO Bermondsey Coworking Space?

GO Bermondsey coworking space offers top-notch shared amenities to all kinds of businesses - small, medium, or large. From startups and freelancers to large businesses with remote workers, some of the fastest-growing brands are operating from GO Bermondsey.

Is GO Bermondsey good for networking?

Many startups and emerging businesses operate out of GO Bermondsey, a place where they can interact with new people, gain experiences, and thrive. It encourages networking and collaboration opportunities and helps businesses to expand their brands.

What is a Private Office?

A private office is a designated workspace reserved for an individual or a small team. It offers an ideal environment for concentrated work, meetings, or private conversations.

What are Meeting Rooms?

Meeting rooms are designated spaces in an office where teams can gather, discuss, and collaborate on projects and presentations.

What is a Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small, tech-enabled collaborative room designed for quick team meetings and discussions.

What is a Conference Room?

A conference room is a designated space in an office or building for events, such as business conference calls and meetings.

What is a Flexible Office Space?

Flexible office space refers to a dynamic workspace solution that enables businesses to rent or use office space on a short-term or on an as-needed basis, catering to changing needs and requirements.

What is a Shared Office Space?

A shared office space is a flexible workspace where individuals or companies share resources and amenities and often work together in a group setting.

What is Desk Sharing?

Desk sharing is a flexible seating arrangement in which employees do not have designated or permanent desks; instead, they use any available desk as and when needed.

What is a Modern Office Space?

A modern office space is a dynamic workspace designed to promote innovation and productivity through collaboration, flexibility, and technology integration.

What is a Dedicated Desk?

A dedicated desk is a single desk in a shared office environment rented to an individual who has access to shared professional amenities.

What is a Flexi Desk?

A flexi desk is a flexible workspace solution that allows individuals or teams to use desks temporarily or as needed within a shared office environment.

What is a Managed Office Space?

A managed office space is a fully furnished workspace managed by a third-party provider. It offers businesses flexible workspace solutions without the hassle of maintenance or administrative tasks.

What is a Board Room?

 A boardroom is a space within an organisation where the board of directors, or others, meet to discuss business matters and make strategic decisions.

What is Office Space Planning?

Office space planning is the process of designing and organising work areas to maximise employees’ productivity, well-being, and functionality.

What is a Dynamic Office Space?

A dynamic office space is a flexible workspace that adapts to the evolving needs and preferences of employees, promoting collaboration, innovation, and productivity.

What is a Co-working Space?

A co-working space is a shared office environment where freelancers or individuals from different companies work alongside each other, sharing facilities and amenities.