7 ways to manage your workspace with flexi desk to get comfortable in your tasks

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on January 20, 2023

Working from home might be advantageous, but sometimes it can also blur the lines between work and personal life. A Flexi desk at a co-working facility, however, is a relief.

Every employee in an office is given a certain workstation or desk. Flexi desks, however, aren’t given to specific individuals. This desk must be reserved in advance by anyone who wishes to come to the office and work. Flexi Desks at Bermondsey or other co-working locations are becoming more popular among businesses since they encourage economical hybrid working.

In this blog, we will learn how to manage your workspace with flexi desk to get comfortable in your tasks.

Never miss networking events

From holiday parties to workshops to private events, there are many opportunities for you to network with the right mix of people at co-working spaces. These types of events also allow you to get to know your coworkers better. You meet people from different companies in addition to those from your own, which broaden your perspective.

Check everything and measure pros and cons

Every co-working space or flexi desk workspace has certain amenities like conference rooms, break rooms, cafeterias, terraces, copy machines, telephones, WiFi networks, etc. So, while you are signing up for this work environment, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons of your new flexi desk. This is so that you can manage yourself and focus on your tasks if you are working somewhere for 7-8 hours.

Gather information about your management

Always keep in mind that the co-working community encompasses everyone, not just the people or businesses that are currently residing there. The community manager can not only direct you to outside resources but also assist you make the most of what the space has to offer. So, gather as much information as you can about the management there. This will make managing crisis situations easier for you. It will also enable the smooth completion of all your tasks.

Seek out for a non-competitive socialising

You are not in competition with anyone when working from a flexi desk at Bermondsey or any other co-working place. There aren’t many people who would try to steal your moment of fame, play office politics, or take credit for your job. You are free to move around, communicate, exchange ideas, etc. So, seek out those who are willing to explore different concepts over tea or coffee. Your work would benefit from this type of socialising. Additionally, you can overcome difficult circumstances at work or other issues relating to your job with such socialisation.

Flexible working hours can benefit you

In co-working spaces, you get the benefit of flexible work hours. You can reserve your flexi desk at Bermondsey any time of the week as per your convenience. This can benefit you in a huge way. For example, you have chosen a co-working space that is nearby your home, but you may not like a certain time to go there and work because of the non-availability of certain facilities. Or perhaps you fear that working at a certain hour will put you in the company of loud people. Consequently, you can pick a convenient moment and work quietly.

Pick your seat to enhance your productivity

The most important thing at your workplace is the chair you use to work. You draw your energies from there, and that’s why it’s important to choose the seat with a lot of precision. Make sure you bring comfortable things to a flex desk. You may like a stress ball, a certain plant, the picture of your pet, the picture of your family, your vision board, a pen stand, etc. Create that atmosphere that allows you to be productive during your working hours. A flexi desk is something that you have to decorate or own using your favourite elements so that you remain focused at work.

Adapt yourself using right things

A flexi desk in a co-working space has its fair share of advantages, but it also comes with some drawbacks. There can be instances when you are bothered by noise. That’s not common or appreciated, but occasionally noise or a loud sound might not be disregarded. It may not always be from inside the premises. There is also the possibility that some people will be louder than you. So a noise-canceling headset might be useful in all such situations.

Working in a flex desk workspace allows you to be more open to people and opportunities alike. You can also become more creative and productive. If you follow these simple techniques, your workplace will become more comfortable and manageable.