A Useful Guide to Manage Your Hot Desk Workspace Setup and Get Ease with It

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on January 12, 2023

Hot desk workspaces have proven to be effective for both businesses and employees. They are a convenient and cost-effective way for companies to utilize office space, and as for employees, they get a flexible work environment. However, hot desks can also be a source of stress and disruption if not managed properly. If you have a brand-new hot desk setup or plan to set up one, here is your guide to managing your hot desk setup with ease.

1. Go With an Open-Floor Office Plan

The primary reason why businesses turn to hot desk setup is to allow employees greater flexibility when choosing their place of work. So, having cubicles and walled spaces would not translate into flexibility; instead, it will affect employees’ productivity. On the hand, an open-floor office plan helps create a sense of community and collaboration among employees.

The open floor plan also makes it easier to find and claim a hot desk, as there are usually more available desks in an open-floor layout. With unnecessary walls and partitions out of the way, you can accommodate a bigger workforce in less space and save on rent and leasing costs.

2. Get All the Necessary Equipment

In recent years there has been a huge emphasis on improving employee experience, and access to equipment is a vital element of improving it. Since employees may not always get the same workspace, managers need to ensure that all necessary equipment is available at every desk or in close vicinity.

This includes ergonomic furniture, laptops, monitors, docking stations, whiteboards, and other supplies. To accommodate different preferences, offer a variety of equipment, such as monitors of different sizes, extension cords, and dongles. Additionally, consider offering both standing and sitting hot desks to provide employees with more options.

3. Create Storage Spaces

Lack of permanent seating or cubicles means employees do not have a dedicated space for storing their belongings either. Result? People’s belongings lie on desks and hallways, creating clutter in the office. Not to mention, people risk losing their valuable personal items.

To solve this problem, create storage spaces in your office, such as lockers or storage closets, where employees can keep their personal belongings. With their personal items locked safely, workers can focus on their tasks, and you can focus on supporting your team.

4. Get An Hot Desking App

Apple Inc. has a famous catchphrase for its iOS ecosystem – “There’s an App for That.” And for leaders managing hot desk setups, have one for them as well. Many hot desking apps, often called desk booking apps, are available that allow users to find and claim a hot desk in the office.

Hot desking apps usually have a map of the office, showing the available desks in real time. These apps are accessible on phones and laptops so that workers can book hot desks on the go. It relieves you from having to keep track of the seating arrangement and maintaining boring spreadsheets.

5. Create Dedicated Spaces for Different Uses

Hot desking allows you to design individual workspaces based on specific activities rather than assuming all workspaces have the same uses. List the different activities your employees conduct every day and design spaces to support these activities.

For example, some spaces may need to be quiet for focus, while others may be more open and conducive to conversation and collaboration. Therefore, it is essential to tailor your space to your specific needs and ensure it promotes the activities you need to conduct.

6. Foster A Positive Team Culture

You can make all the efforts, but a hot desk setup will not become a success if employees do not have the right mindset. So, you will have to do more than create guidelines and policies. Instead, focus on team building, encourage employees to communicate, and collaborate on projects. In addition, employees must understand that they have an equal share of the workspace even with hot desking in place.

To Conclude

That was your guide to help you manage your hot desk workspace setup with ease. Provide necessary equipment, create diverse spaces, use hot desking apps, but most of all, ensure your team is ready to embrace your new flexible model.

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