Affordable London Business Meeting Rooms by GO Bermondsey

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on March 1, 2023

Coworking spaces have become increasingly popular, offering individuals and businesses a shared workspace with flexible arrangements. One of the many benefits of coworking spaces is access to business meeting rooms. These rooms provide a designated area for businesses to hold meetings and presentations and collaborate with team members in a private setting.

Go Bermondsey is a modern coworking space in the heart of Bermondsey, London, offering a range of fully-equipped meeting rooms for businesses of all sizes. The meeting rooms at GO Bermondsey are designed to provide a professional and productive environment, with state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic furniture to enhance the meeting experience.

The features of Business Meeting Rooms by Go Bermondsey

  • Professional and modern design to provide a comfortable and productive environment
  • Flexible arrangements to cater to different types of meetings, such as boardroom-style
  • State-of-the-art technology, including audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet, and video conferencing facilities
  • Convenient furniture, including comfortable chairs and desks to promote productivity during long meetings
  • Fully equipped with stationery, whiteboards, and other tools for effective brainstorming and presentations
  • Easy-to-use booking systems to ensure the availability and accessibility of meeting rooms
  • On-site support staff to assist with technical issues and other needs
  • Affordable pricing and flexible packages to suit various budgets and requirements
  • Convenient location with easy access to public transportation and other amenities

If you are looking for a meeting room in London with a modern design, contemporary interiors, and the best amenities at an affordable price, Go Bermondsey will be the right choice.  

 Go Bermondsey: Meetings Made Easy and Convenient

While looking for the best London meeting space, Go Bermondsey will surely be at the top of the list. It provides the right environment for growing business and coordinating within teams. In the meeting rooms, teams can brainstorm ideas, discuss plans, and initiate critical conversations within a focused environment.

The meeting space in London at Go Bermondsey is spacious and fully furnished. They work well for client presentations, meetings, workshops, seminars, or other team-building activities. The meeting room ensures complete privacy. Moreover, the meeting room hire rate is also affordable, and one can choose to book by the hour or for the entire day. The Go Bermondsey team looks after all the other aspects while the teams can focus on their business.

What are the Benefits of Booking a Meeting Room with Go Bermondsey?

The meeting rooms at Go Bermondsey are perfect for client meetings if you’re looking for a professional setup.

  • There is no interference as one gets a private setting to plan their work accordingly.
  • The meeting space facilitates confidentiality and privacy; thus, teams can discuss critical business KPIs and plans.
  • The meeting rooms are well spaced to accommodate all the clients and the employees.
  • It facilitates bonding between the client and the employees and promotes better relationships.
  • The meeting room comes with every possible required assistance that can be critical for the smooth running of the business.
  • The meeting room rental is highly affordable and thus well suited for startups, freelancers, and SMEs.

Why Choose These Meeting Rooms?


The meeting space in London provided by Go Bermondsey is at a heritage building now used as a co-working space. It is very conveniently and centrally located close to the London Bridge Station. Moreover, the city, Westminster, and Waterloo stations are also close.

Fulfil all needs

The options available include sizes and shapes of meeting rooms, from smaller rooms to large board rooms. Every room has a distinct design with the latest cutting-edge technologies to make meetings easier.

Facilitates Collaboration

The dedicated meeting area will help enhance the employees’ productivity. Moreover, the design of the meeting space in London is such that it facilitates collaboration between multiple teams, resulting in better growth.

Best-in-class Facility

The London meeting space has various amenities that make meetings lively and conducive. The amenities include:

  • Spacious seating
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • High ceiling
  • Sufficient power outlets

Proper health safety & hygiene

Go Bermondsey is equally concerned about its stakeholders’ well-being and wants to ensure that the meeting rooms at the co-working space are safe. All Covid-19 safety measures are followed, including regular disinfecting and cleaning of common surfaces.


The meeting rooms are highly affordable. Therefore, one can enjoy all the privileges without any inconvenience. Moreover, the meeting room rental includes the space, internet, furniture, and other facilities necessary for operation. Therefore, it helps save time and money as there is no need to set up the facilities.

Focus on privacy and professionalism

It works perfectly as a distraction-less setting where one can work peacefully. Extra focus is given to the peace of mind and privacy of all the people using the space. Moreover, the meeting rooms help provide a professional look for potential clients.

Final Thoughts

Finding a suitable space to conduct professional meetings at a reasonable price in London can be difficult. But with Go Bermondsey, the robust and expertly designed offices help ensure the businesses get the maximum flexibility. The co-working space offers the benefit of a private room within a larger business community. The office’s location is critical, with significant stations available within a 15-minute tube ride. Find out more details about the meeting spaces at Go Bermondsey and book one today!