Go Bermondsey – Creating A Culture of Sustainability Through Coworking Spaces

Work Efficiently   •   Published on April 5, 2023

Flexible work arrangements have led to the rise of coworking spaces in London and other cities across the world. Coworking offices are an asset for those who value flexibility, community, and collaboration. With access to shared resources and a supportive environment, individuals can thrive professionally and personally, resulting in a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

As the demand for coworking spaces increases, businesses recognise the importance of incorporating sustainable practices in their workplace environment. While businesses need to reduce energy consumption and embrace environment-friendly practises, sustainability encompasses more than just resource conservation. It entails fostering a shared responsibility culture among employees at all levels of an organisation, starting at the top.

Let us explore some realistic strategies that can encourage sustainability in a premium coworking space and enhance the overall working experience for all stakeholders involved.

Use More Energy-Efficient Technology

Improving energy efficiency is crucial for reducing environmental impact. Reducing water usage is a simple way to start, such as by installing low-flush toilets and water flow aerators on sinks. Energy-saving gadgets, like LED lights, can also be used to decrease electricity consumption compared to fluorescent bulbs. Configure gadgets to enter low-power modes when not in use. Remind everyone that even switched-off devices consume energy. Encouraging people to turn off lights and devices when not in use is an effective way to reduce energy waste.

Leverage Natural Lighting

As you embark on the journey towards sustainability, it is essential to prioritise the design of your workstation. Environmental considerations should be at the forefront of your mind, with lighting being a key factor. A workspace that heavily relies on artificial lighting is less environmentally friendly and can negatively affect employee health and well-being. On the other hand, a workspace that maximises natural light by incorporating features such as skylights or sun-catching windows can improve energy efficiency and create a more productive work environment. So, when scoping out potential coworking offices, it’s crucial to consider the workspace’s sustainability features, such as lighting design, to ensure your workstation is eco-friendly and conducive to productivity.

Add Plants to The Workspace

Adding plants to your coworking space in London can bring many benefits, including natural air purification and aesthetic appeal. Plants act as natural air filters without the need for harmful chemicals or fertilisers. With this simple addition, you can improve the air quality of your workspace and add a touch of greenery to your desk. Even if your workspace lacks natural sunlight, you can invest in grow lights to provide the necessary light for plant growth. These devices mimic the sun’s rays, ensuring plants get all the light they need to flourish.

Go Paperless

Say goodbye to paper clutter and welcome a more sustainable future! Eliminating paper clutter and adopting a paperless approach is an eco-friendly and efficient move for businesses. Going paperless saves money on printing supplies and paper costs and improves employee productivity by reducing paper management. Promoting a paperless culture can also inspire clients to follow suit and contribute to a more sustainable future. Adopting a digital approach has numerous benefits for businesses and the environment, making it a smart choice for coworking spaces.

Encourage Recycling

Setting up a recycling program in your coworking office can significantly impact reducing landfill waste and increasing recycling rates. By providing clearly labelled bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic waste, everyone in the shared office can easily participate in the initiative. Recycling not only helps the environment but also promotes a sense of community and shared responsibility in the workplace. By putting in place a recycling programme, you can also show your dedication to sustainability and draw like-minded people and companies to your coworking space. It is a straightforward but successful strategy for encouraging an environmentally and socially responsible workplace.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

Opt for energy-efficient materials to make your coworking space eco-friendlier and more sustainable. You can opt for bamboo or tile flooring instead of carpeting to reduce energy consumption. Additionally, installing solar energy systems is an effective method to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a source of unlimited renewable energy. By implementing these measures, you can enhance the sustainability of your coworking space and reduce your carbon footprint while creating a healthier workplace.

Choose GO Bermondsey – A Sustainable Coworking Space in London

If you want to reserve a desk or conference room in a sustainable coworking office, get in touch with GO Bermondsey, the leading coworking space provider in London.

Our flexible workspace on Tanner Street prioritises sustainability and the well-being of employees. The office’s renovations were carried out using sustainably sourced materials, ethical construction techniques, and durable finishes, with a focus on environmental protection and climate change. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our collaborative workspace!