Ground Floor Offices: The Benefits of Being Located on the Ground Floor

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on March 1, 2023

Getting a new office space to rent is a big decision. And one has to look at different attributes surrounding it before making the final decision. For example, one critical aspect when looking for London office space to rent is whether to go for ground floor offices.

Selecting the right floor can be a perplexing task, and choosing a ground floor office space for rent can benefit the business in many ways. Recent trends show that many companies are looking for ground-floor offices and are willing to pay a premium. But why are ground floor office spaces for rent in such high demand? Below are some benefits of being on the ground floor that make it an exciting perspective.

Why Go For Ground Floor Offices?

Easy Access to the Office Space

For people looking for London office space to rent, choosing the right floor is as critical as other factors. The ground floor office space to rent in London is often favoured because it has the most accessible access in the entire building.

For people who dislike going up and down stairs or are sick of waiting for the elevators, having the office on the ground floor can be a great advantage. Moreover, people with pets will always prefer the ground floor, as it makes it convenient for their pet to access the office. It is also ideal for elderly employees, specially-abled people, or those who face difficulty getting to the top floors.

In cases where employees have to carry hardware, products, files, folders, and other things that can add weight, having an office on the ground floor can be highly beneficial.

Quick Connectivity to the Location

Imagine working on the topmost floor of an office building and having to run outside quickly for a fast snack. Doesn’t it sound exhausting to descend multiple floors and then return via stairs or elevator?

A ground-floor office space for rent makes walking out to nearby places more accessible and convenient. Now people only have to think twice before going out for a quick break or a walk as there is no need to wait for the elevators or jump through the stairs.

Saves Time

Most employees complain that they have to spend a lot of time waiting for elevators or taking the stairs, which not only takes away productive time but also causes exhaustion. Having ground floor office space to rent in London solves that problem, as employees will no longer have to wait for the elevator and can quickly run to catch the subsequent transportation.


For a variety of reasons, ground floors are frequently less expensive than top floors. First, they consume less electricity than the top floors and often don’t come with the high-rising holistic view that the top floors can provide. Because of this, the ground floor is usually more cost-efficient, as working space providers charge a premium for the surroundings and the view. As a result, it provides excellent value for money.

Quick Access to the Garden and the Basement

Another significant advantage of having a ground-floor office is the quick access to the beautiful garden and backyard that one can get. It makes the atmosphere soothing while lightening the mood, thereby increasing productivity. Moreover, ground floor offices are also closer to the basement and, in most cases, the parking.

Lower Grounds are More Spacious and Private

The ground floor offices are more spacious as they take in the stair and hallway space on the higher floors and use the area within the office. And this results in the final office space being considerably more significant. Also, they are more private, as there are no stairs in the middle; in most cases, one gets their front door.

Make Meetings and Gatherings Easier

Having an office located on the ground floor of a building can provide easier access for clients and vendors who frequently visit the business for meetings and discussions.

Final Thoughts

While choosing the right floor for the office location can sound like a minor factor, it can be a deal-breaker. A ground-floor office can be convenient and beneficial when looking for office space in London. But ultimately, it pans down to one’s own needs and requirements and the factors that will be critical.

At Go Bermondsey, the goal is to provide the highest level of convenience to businesses while creating a conducive environment for them to prosper. The heritage-converted co-working space has beautiful ground-floor offices with amenities and stunning designs. Contact us today to find out more about our ground-floor offices!