How Co-working Spaces will Help you Achieve your Personal Goals in 2023

Research and Insights   •   Published on February 9, 2023

A co-working space, in simple words, refers to a work arrangement in which employees from different organisations and teams come together to work in a single space, sharing infrastructure, tools, and facilities. A relatively unknown idea even about a decade ago, co-working has been unobtrusively transforming the idea of the modern workplace. Research by the Instant Group shows that demand for co-working spaces has risen in most UK cities in 2022, what with a large number of businesses moving away from pandemic-era policies. As the coronavirus pandemic wanes, more and more employees are in fact heading back to big cities for full-time or hybrid work. Accordingly, London, says the Instant Group’s UK Flex Market report, is beginning to re-emerge as a flexible work hotspot.

Interestingly, not only businesses, but even workers have begun preferring co-working spaces, not least because they are centrally located and equipped with a wide array of amenities. Read on to discover 5 ways in which a co-working space can help you achieve not just your professional goals, but even personal goals in 2023.

More Flexibility

Workspace flexibility has become a priority for a vast majority of working professionals today. Most modern co-working spaces allow ample freedom of movement within the office premises. Apart from standard desks for work and dedicated desks, they also allow you other comfortable working options including beanbags, recliners, standing desks and phone booths among others. Additionally, co-working is generally conducive to more agile ways of working, including freedom to work at hours convenient to you – many co-working spaces are accessible 24/7. Flexible working has been shown to boost productivity and efficiency, allowing you to better focus on your life goals.

Greater Opportunities to Connect with Others

One of the greatest benefits of a co-working space is the opportunity it extends to connect, collaborate, and communicate with individuals outside one’s organisation. By allowing people from across teams and businesses to mingle, converse, and exchange ideas freely, these workspaces are conducive to positive social networking and even cross-company alliances and collaborations. It is worth keeping in mind that chance encounters with high-achievers can not only spark innovation and inspiration, but could also – occasionally – lead to strong social connections that make you grow as an individual.

Better Health & Mental Well-Being

Many of the co-working spaces today include gymnasiums and wellness & fitness centres in their premises to which workers have complimentary access. These amenities help you take better care of your health, even as you maximise the potential of flexible working. Furthermore, with many of these workspaces adopting high fresh-air standards and biophilic elements in their design and layout, it’s easy to boost your physical and mental well-being without having to go to great lengths for it.

Improved Accessibility

Co-working spaces were designed to be productive and suitable for as many people as possible. This is why many of the best shared workspaces are situated in well-connected central locations, easy to access by public transport. Moreover, these remain open at all hours of the day and all days of the week, in view of people’s differing work schedules. This is a great feature because regardless of whether you are a night owl or morning lark, you can have access to a dynamic environment that allows you to work at your own pace.

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Randstad’s latest Workmonitor survey of 35,000 workers in markets across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas found that an overwhelming majority of workers (83%) valued flexible working hours in a job more than training & development (76%) and even parental leave policy (62%). Moreover, the survey recoded 61% of employees saying they would not accept a job if it impacted their work-life balance. By focussing on employee well-being and offering flexibility in terms of location, and work arrangements and environment, co-working spaces are indeed enabling employees to achieve the holy grail of work-life balance – a key personal goal only a few are able to reach.

Located in Tanner Street, Tower Bridge, GO Bermondsey’s shared workspace in London has all the great features of an ideal co-working office space. Marked by a convenient location near London’s major landmarks, biophilic layout, tranquil yet vibrant environment, and amenity-rich, aesthetically appealing indoor spaces comprising flexi desks, dedicated desks, private offices, and meeting rooms, this is just the kind of co-working space that’s going to help you meet your personal and professional goals with ease in 2023.