Know the Latest Trends in the Coworking Universe

Research and Insights   •   Published on May 10, 2023

There’s no denying that the co-working universe is experiencing an unprecedented boom since 2020. In the UK alone, the coworking office space market is growing at a staggering CAGR of more than 8% and will continue to do so till 2027.

Specially designed co-working spaces are proving highly cost-effective for start-ups and medium-scale enterprises, thanks to certain companies repurposing old warehouses into fully functional offices in global cities like London.

Co-working space providers now understand that no two companies sharing the space are the same. This is why they take the time to sit with individual company reps and understand their custom requirements.

Say, you need an office space for hybrid workers, who attend a physical office only 2 to 3 days a week or two weeks; you can surely find a coworking space to meet your needs.

Alternatively, if you have a routine but dynamic requirement; for example, you want office space for 10 employees daily, but on days when all 10 attend office, you want 15 workstations, a coworking space can help with that.

And, regardless of the number of desks, workstations, meeting rooms, or collaborative seating you require, all will have plug-and-play connectivity. This ensures seamless end-to-end Wi-Fi, ancillary seating, breakout spaces, storage, and much more.  

But, these trends in workspace flexibility and connectivity are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the three latest and also novel trends in the coworking universe that you have yet to anticipate. However, they stand to revolutionise the coworking universe.

 Latest Trends in the Coworking Universe

 Trend 1# CaaS or Coworking-as-a-Service

 CaaS is a mix of virtual and physical services. This trend points to the fact that coworking spaces are no more just physical spaces but also a suite of services. And this suite will go beyond a simple 24×7 key card access, automated invoicing, booking and attendance system, and other features a coworking space management software already provides.

 Trend 2# Niche Coworking Spaces

It was only a matter of time before this trend took off. Niche coworking spaces are offices dedicated to a specific group of workers. For example, you have niche coworking spaces dedicated to female-led entrepreneurs, tech-oriented start-ups, wellness-based companies, or creative setups.

The trend of niche coworking spaces doesn’t mean these spaces are exclusionary. However, specific niches may receive deals or discounts on subscriptions. They may also receive access to appropriate tools and resources to further their business.

For example, a niche coworking space for designers, musicians, writers, content creators, and other creative personnel may feature podcasting equipment, soundproof booths, a small recording studio, and more.

The trend of niche coworking spaces will help knit tighter communities and provide a conducive environment which is more resilient to outside pressures.

 Trend 3# Coworking Engagement for Corporate Employees

Another trend in the coworking universe is partnering with corporates and conglomerates to provide employees with workstations in decentralised locations. This trend has emerged as a result of emptied-out city centre offices and employees working from home for a long time.

A sudden and 4 to 5-day-per-week transition back to the office doesn’t seem possible immediately. However, suburban coworking spaces are often available to cater to large companies that have adopted a hub-and-spoke model of working.

This means that companies don’t necessarily want their employees to commute all the way to their city centre office, but they do want them to work out of “an” office. And this is where coworking spaces negotiate contractual or permanent work arrangements with corporations to absorb their employees.

Go Bermondsey – Premium coworking space in London

 Keeping these trends in mind, it is safe to say that coworking spaces have a serious role to play in the post-pandemic era, regardless of their location. Unlike traditional offices, these spaces quickly evolve to meet the needs of individuals and institutions.

 At Go Bermondsey, we understand the rising trends in the coworking industry and offer more than just a physical workspace. We are finely tuned to the evolving needs of our users and provide mentorship building, venture capital access, and more.

Our coworking spaces are meant for everyone from startups to corporates searching for collaborative and affordable spaces that support productivity. We also offer consciously designed private office spaces that blend the benefits of cowoking with the seclusion of a private office. 

Around the world, coworking spaces are evolving to meet the needs of a wide range of users, allowing them to congregate in a shared space that is designed to support the nature of modern work.

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