Last Minute Fun Ideas for Your Team’s New Year Party at GO Bermondsey

Our Community   •   Published on December 23, 2022

Before your office closes for the holidays, it’s mandatory to have a blast at the holiday party. Organizing a Christmas and New Year’s party is a big task, but the holiday spirit makes us do many such tasks easily.

Read some fun ideas for celebrating Christmas and New Year’s parties at GO Bermondsey co-working space below.

It’s time to relieve some stress and party….

Musical Chair

This is a well-known game that we have all played as children or adolescents. It will be an amazing experience to see everyone in the co-working space fighting for a chair.

Play all the Christmas-themed songs or the chartbusters of the year 2022 and have fun. The winner can get a ticket to a New Year’s Eve concert held in London. So, you have to first prepare a playlist of popular songs and shortlist music concerts taking place in London during the New Year.

The Holiday Trivia Quiz Contest

To organise this quiz contest, first of all, you need to prepare a question bank, divide these questions into various categories, get buzzers, and get t-shirts or badges for each team.

If you have divided the party into 4 teams, you can name them with elements from Christmas and social media, i.e., Trending Star, Secret Stocking, Viral Reindeer, and Gingerbread Feed.

Give them t-shirts or badges representing the team, and the categories of questions can be: “Famous Holiday Movies,” “Pop Culture,” “Round Up 2022,” “Who Said What?” (referring to famous quotes), “International Politics,” “Sports,” “Christmas Traditions,” “Food,” etc. The participants can choose a category and answer questions. The winner can get a relaxing holiday hamper consisting of a coupon to a spa, DIY cookie ingredients, cheese from around the world, etc.

Bring your Pet at work party

Organise a bring your pets to work day. To begin with, you must ascertain the number of employees who own pets and the varieties of pets they own. Keep in mind allergies of your employees. Following the preliminary steps, you must ask your staff if they are prepared for this. Some people might disagree. You can proceed with this plan if you can find at least 10 to 12 people who are ready to bring their pets to the office Christmas celebration at Go Bermondsey. Make sure the pets are adequately immunised because they will be interacting with people. You can provide your pet friends with holiday-themed snacks. Additionally, you can plan a pet fashion.

Murder Mystery Game Night

Some may have the opinion that a murder mystery game night would be more suited to Halloween, but don’t you think a little adventure and madness would be the perfect addition to your office’s closing party before Christmas and the New Year?

Choose a mystery, like who killed Santa or the murder at Go Bermondsey Villa. Hand out the roles to your employees, and depending on the mystery game, ask them to dress up. Participants will listen to the announcements made by the organiser while they search for hints to solve the mystery. That notion seems really fantastic, doesn’t it?

Honouring Christmas Traditions Worldwide

Every metropolis in every country is a cultural melting pot. Our London, too, has many nations and cultures living in it. For the year-end party at Go Bermondsey, you can honour all those cultures from around the world. It will send out a nice message that we are all co-dependent on one another.

Ask your employees to get dressed in their culture’s traditional wear. Follow the day with fun games, and at the food table, make sure every culture’s Christmas food is well represented. For example, KFC fried chicken for Japan, Stollen bread for Germany, or Tamales for Costa Rica, Feast of seven fishes for Italy, Roasted lamb and baklava for Greece, Kołaczki Cookies for Poland, etc.

Famous Christmas Movie Themed Photo Booth

There are so many famous Christmas movies that are re-visited during this jolly season. Home Alone, The Holiday, Love Actually, Claus, Bridget Jone’s Diary, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Nativity, The Snowman, Elf, The Grinch, Love Hard, etc. are just to name a few. So, deck up a section of Go Bermondsey space with little or big elements from these movies and adjust the lighting properly so that it becomes a memorable photo booth. You can use a photo cut-out board for the Bridget Jones poster, the model house of Iris from The Holiday, etc. 

Silent Night…Holy Night…

A cool concept that has gained popularity across the globe is silent disco. At your year-end celebration, you can imitate it. Book a DJ, provide employees with headphones, and the DJ would broadcast music directly to the employees. This fun idea would help your employees to release stress, and it would also ensure that no guest has to sit through a Christmas carol they don’t want to hear. Let them enjoy themselves by dancing to their favourite tunes and listening to their favourite music.

Feels Like Home – Pajama Party

Decorate the party venue with a Christmas theme by using snowflakes, Christmas stars, Christmas trees, etc. To give it a feel of a home, arrange a fire place, ang some stockings, set comfy seats, bring blankets, and stock up on eggnog, popcorn, cookies, hot cocoa, and other holiday-themed snacks to make it feel more like a home. Ask your employees to be in pajama just like they would at home. There are many who won’t be visiting home or being around their friends and relatives. This theme will make them feel at home and full of fun. Also, arrange a giant screen to play Christmas-themed movies. For that, take votes from your employees and play the most popular one.

Fashion Show

A fashion show in the workplace! Sounds fun, right? As it is the season to be jolly, why not have more fun with fashion? Organize a ramp, and to give it a real feel, arrange the lighting. There should be a spotlight following the model as he/she walks the ramp.

Christmas and the New Year are the perfect times to reconnect and spread good vibes. With these fun ideas, bring people at your workplace closer.