Learn About Kick Starting Your New Office with Rental Spaces: GO Bermondsey

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on December 6, 2022

Nearly 3 years after the pandemic first broke out, the world continues to be in a state of flux. This uncertainty has had a particularly profound impact on work-life and patterns, prompting a demand for freedom and flexibility. Recent research conducted by JLL, a global commercial real estate services firm, predicts that 30% of offices will be rented on a flexible basis by the year 2030, indicating the soaring demand for flexible office rentals in the foreseeable future. 

What’s in it for Businesses? 

Companies are increasingly veering away from traditional office leaseholds in favour of flexible office spaces. Not only do these workspaces support the hybrid work model that emerged in the wake of the pandemic, but afford businesses a generous measure of agility to grow, shrink, and diversify at their own pace. Here’s more of why you should be choosing this type of office space for your business. 

  • Fit’s Everyone’s Needs: Flexible workspace solutions have always worked well for start-ups, SMEs and scale-up companies. But even bigger corporates who’d like to open a new regional office as part of a market entry experiment, tap into the local talent pool, or just reduce their office footprint in the post-COVID era can incorporate flexible office spaces into their workspace strategy. 
  • Everyone Loves the Ambience: The office has a special place in the workplace ecosystem. Flexible workspaces allow people from across businesses and sectors to work, connect, and build relationships. This helps build a vibrant, collaborative, and open ambience, fostering a sense of community.
  • Increased Opportunities, Improved Productivity: Shared, flexible offices provide plenty of opportunities to form cross-sectoral networks which could be a boost to business development and growth. Additionally, increased employee engagement and interaction could help foster a creative exchange and confluence of ideas, boosting work productivity. 
  • Saves Money– Organisations tied to traditional long-term leaseholds have to typically deal with a lot of upfront costs such as hiring housekeeping staff, and purchasing furnishings. Additionally, with hybrid work having become a norm, they may find themselves paying for wasted office space. By contrast, flexible-term office rentals follow an all-inclusive approach that lets businesses enjoy an array of amenities for a set amount. What’s more, it’s easy for companies to scale up or down on space, reacting to a changing headhttps://go-bermondsey.co.uk/office-spaces/private-officescount at relatively short notice.

More than an Office 

Flexible office spaces aren’t just places to work, but amenity-rich spaces that fulfil the needs of employees and organisations alike. From state-of-the-art conference rooms and tech infrastructure to cafeterias and gym facilities, these offices offer utility and recreation in equal measure. Since they are fully serviced workspaces in which everything from basic facilities and cleaning to security and building repairs is taken care of, businesses are free to focus on what matters most – work and expansion. Last but not least, a co-working, flexible office space is a professional, fully-furnished space that allows you, as a business owner, to make a lasting impression on prospective clients and customers. 

A flexible-term office rental thus not only lets employers enjoy a measure of autonomy, but gives them an opportunity to offer freedom and flexibility to their employees – an indubitable win-win. 

The GO Bermondsey Experience

A co-working space with a difference, GO Bermondsey’s latest venture on Tanner Street is visually startling – a heritage building with contemporary interiors and an aesthetic biophilic layout encompassing verdant outdoor spaces being designed by award-winning landscape architects.  Additionally, the place is brimming with business and recreational facilities, ensuring that companies are able to meet their professional needs while offering employees a fulfilling and pleasurable work experience. Conveniently located near London’s major landmarks, it promises easy accessibility and adds value to your business with its prestige address. 

Best of all, the flexible-term office rental makes sure you aren’t incommoded – take it for one hour or five years – feel free to suit yourself. With its open elegant spaces and exuberant atmosphere, this co-working space is sure to nourish a positive work vibe and help you forge connections and collaborations beyond your business. Is there a better way to begin.