Promoting Art at the Workplace: World Productivity Day Edition

Work Efficiently   •   Published on June 23, 2023

Art presents a profound way to express oneself. Whether painting or cooking, organising a desk, or writing – art has a curiously wonderful way of pervading everyday aspects of life. Imbibing some form of art is useful because it allows you to express your creative self and inspires mental and emotional growth. 

Despite being associated with the exotic and the exquisite, art has the power to enhance productivity in your daily life. As the world gears up to mark World Productivity Day on 20th June, it is a great time for you to use the opportunity to find ways to enhance productivity via art, deploying it for self-improvement, at and outside the workplace. 

Sitting at a workspace in Bermondsey or anywhere else and gazing at a piece of art isn’t enough! You must look within and bring out the artist in you to achieve the extraordinary. This World Productivity Day, let’s discuss how art can boost workplace productivity.

Sparks Creativity

There are various art forms, from frenetic activities such as dancing and acting to introspective pursuits like writing and drawing. Regardless of the chosen form, art holds the power to resonate with us on a spiritual level, opening doors to new possibilities. A break from routine is essential, and immersing yourself in art effectively enables you to get back to work life with renewed vigour and focus, facing and solving challenges better. Studies have shown that artistic engagement unleashes the imagination, fostering creativity and innovation.

Banishes Stress

Even if you have a great place to work in, such as a private workspace in Bermondsey, there’s no avoiding the pressure of deadlines and long work hours. Associating yourself with any form of art can help you release stress and promote relaxation. Art represents an escape from the daily grind. So, whether you choose to paint, dabble in poetry, play the violin, or engage in embroidery, the very act of making art meaningfully engages the senses, resulting in a refreshed mind and body when you return to work.

Encourages Out-of-the-box Thinking

Engaging yourself with any form of art inspires you to break convention and take the road less travelled. In a world where cookie-cutter solutions abound, out-of-the-box thinking can prove tremendously helpful; more so, in a professional setting that values new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Boosts Cognitive Abilities

Your brain is a tool; the more you use it for different tasks, the sharper it gets. Studies have shown that art stimulates the neural pathways in the human brain, enhancing cognitive functions and promoting mental agility. While you create art, you are engaged in a complex cognitive process wherein you are the decider, the problem solver, and the risk taker. Such skills can help improve other areas of life, such as productivity at work.

Offers a Fresh Perspective

Art helps you shift your perspective and perceive the world around you from a different dimension. This refreshingly unique perspective enriches your life and reshapes your approach towards hurdles. 

Eliminates Boredom 

While daily work at office can get monotonous, dabbling in some form of art can break the tedium and banish boredom. Art inspires and exposes you to newer thoughts and techniques. This inspiration chisels your imagination and helps you to be more innovative, prompting breakthrough ideas at work.

Improves Focus at Work

Engaging in artistic activities calls for concentration and focus.  This heightened focus enhances your creativity and improves your ability to concentrate in all spheres of life, allowing you to accomplish your goals more effectively. 

Enables All-Round Development

Regularly practising some form of art paves the way for more productivity not only at your serviced office spaces but also at a personal level. Art helps you gain a new identity and develop qualities such as patience, perseverance, and resilience which are vital for success in any endeavour.

World Productivity Day brings into focus the importance of efficient work practices, time management, and maximising output. It serves as a reminder to individuals and organisations that productivity is a critical factor in achieving success and growth. Art, in any form, amplifies productivity. Thus employers should encourage artistic practices at the workplace or, at the very least, allow employees a fair work-life balance, enabling them to find time for creative pursuits after work hours. Employees, on their part, should take up some form of art both as a pastime and a tool for enhancing productivity.