Relocating Your Private Office Space to London: Salary, Affordability, Logistics?

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on January 12, 2023

Moving your office to the vibrant, innovative city of London is no less than an exciting new start. Not only is it a change of environment for the team, but moving your private office can help you come out of your old ways of working and be part of an innovative work culture.

But moving to the economic hub of the UK is not a stress-free experience. You have too many office options to look into, business opportunities to consider, and employee expectations to manage. Not to mention, the direct and indirect costs of taking your business to a new place are high.

With Go Bermondsey, you can tactically navigate the many aspects of private office relocation to London by choosing from a range of customised office spaces – from flexi desks to outdoor workspaces to private offices near London Bridge.

Relocating Your Office Space to London: What to Consider?

Any office relocation project can be an overwhelming task that involves extensive planning. In addition, the logistics involved in setting up the new office space can give anyone a run for their money. So how do you deal with it? Here are the top four things you need to consider when moving your private office to London.

  •         Affordability: Your budget will be the deciding factor for your entire relocation plan. Where can you afford office space in London? What is the size of your team? Do you plan on hiring an agency? Right from furniture and décor for your new office to the opportunity cost of moving in business days, costs can add up significantly.
  •         New Office Space: London is full of fantastic office locations. And depending on your business and employee needs, you need to pick a suitable office space that encourages productivity. Does it have enough meeting rooms? Is it designed to your taste? Or will you have to make significant changes to make the place feasible?
  •         Office Downtime: Even the most seamless relocation plans are bound to encounter a few hiccups – employee productivity will most likely take a hit.

Clearly, moving to a private office might not be the perfect solution for everyone. Whether you’re a well-established business or a new start-up, London offers you a range of shared space options that will be an exact fit for your team, workplace culture, and budget.

So, when relocating your office in London becomes a tedious project, choosing a move-in-ready co-working space with Go Bermondsey can throw most of your concerns out of the window.

How Does Go Bermondsey Make Your Relocation Easier?

Variety of Customisable Workspaces

A unique co-working trait, Go Bermondsey offers you customisable workspaces to meet your business and employee needs. So, whether you want private offices at Bermondsey for smaller teams, dedicated desks, flexi-desks for your hybrid employees, or meeting rooms for collaboration, you can have the perfect professional setup.

For your business, this means a shorter search time for an ideal place and greater flexibility while working.

Convenient Location

If you’re looking for a private office near London Bridge, Go Bermondsey offers you one near London’s major landmark. Easily accessible from the London Bridge Station, these co-working spaces will be a valuable business addition for both clients and employees alike.

Move-In Ready

Go Bermondsey’s office spaces come with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the latest tech, and fully-furnished private offices and desk spaces. With ultra-modern workplace design, fully-equipped rooms, and independent, secure access to every unit, these private offices provide the benefits of co-working and the privacy of an individual office.

As a result, you no longer need to worry about the added costs of furniture, equipment, and décor for your new workspace. Your team will have access to all the comforts with none of the downtime or stress of relocating disrupting your work productivity.

Added Amenities

Relocating to a private office space in London also involves planning the additional amenities at the new workplace. But with private offices at Bermondsey, you have access to a gamut of special privileges and amenities without incurring extra costs. This includes office assistance, state-of-the-art meeting spaces, a kitchen and pantry, printing, and secure parking spaces.

This kind of workspace will not only make the relocation easier but have a positive impact on employee well-being, satisfaction, and productivity.

Ready to relocate? Choose the practical and affordable Go Bermondsey co-working spaces in London. Housed in a heritage building, our shared and private offices in Bermondsey are the perfect blend of contemporary style, practical design, and a productive work environment. No matter your private office requirements in London, you’ll surely love working here.