Spooktacular Ways to Make Business Meetings Fun This Halloween

October 16, 2023

Spooktacular ways to make business meetings fun this Halloween include themed decorations, costumes, and festive treats. In the UK, 45% of businesses report higher employee engagement with Halloween activities. It will help you make your team more stronger.

Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where the transition from summer to winter was marked with a celebration. Over time, Halloween evolved from a pagan ritual confined within local communities to a popular cultural holiday celebrated across nations.

In the modern workplace, Halloween presents an opportunity to break the monotony of daily office routines. While adding some spooky fun to professional meetings may sound like an unorthodox idea at first, embracing the festivities can boost morale, spark creativity, and increase engagement. When employees feel involved and engaged at work, they naturally perform better.

And what better way to liven up those monotonous meetings than infusing them with some Halloween spirit? From decorating meeting rooms with cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns to offering candy corn and pumpkin spice treats, there are many ways to make your meetings fun and highly engaging this October, all while maintaining workplace decorum.

A Hauntingly Good Time at GO Bermondsey Meeting Rooms

At GO Bermondsey, we understand that a little spooky magic can go a long way in boosting teamwork and creativity. Here are some ways to make business meetings truly spooktacular this Halloween.

1. Decorate Your Meeting Space

One of the easiest ways to get your team Halloween-ready is to decorate your meeting rooms. At GO Bermondsey, you can customise your office space however you like. To set the tone, you can decorate the meeting rooms with fake cobwebs, black cat decorations, and jack-o’-lanterns.

If you want to keep it simple, orange and black tablecloths, and spooky paper decorations can add a nice touch. You can also keep a bowl of Halloween candy on the table for an extra treat. Big or small, decorations in your meeting space can add a festive touch and liven up an otherwise humdrum workday.

2. Incorporate Themed Icebreakers

Starting meetings off right is important, so try using Halloween-themed icebreakers to engage your team. Go around the table and ask light-hearted questions like:

  •  What was your favourite childhood Halloween costume?
  •  If you could be any monster, which would you choose?
  •  What is your favourite scary movie?

Icebreakers like these allow attendees to relax and share fun facts before diving into serious business. Start your meetings by setting a festive tone that captures people’s attention right off the bat.

3. Use Spooky Music and Sounds

Enhance the ambience in your meeting rooms by using sounds and music to create a spooky vibe. Play a Halloween soundtrack, or a sound effects CD with eerie sounds like creaking doors, howling wolves, creepy laughter, or bubbling cauldrons. 

Use music apps to access Halloween playlists and add a dash of spooky Halloween fun to your meetings. Just be sure to keep the volume low to avoid distracting coworkers.

4. Spooky Storytelling

Storytelling is always a great way to capture attention, so pull up some creepy Halloween tales. Have someone prepare a short spooky story to share at the start or end of your meeting. Look up local folklore or urban legends to entertain and engage your workers.

You can also introduce fun games such as challenging attendees to craft a scary two-minute story using a prop. Scary stories are a fun way to ignite imaginations before engaging in serious business.

5. Encourage Costumes and Props

For an instant mood boost, encourage your team to wear costumes or props to the meeting room. They can choose to be witches, zombies, vampires, or any other character they like. If that seems too much, simply ask everyone to add a festive accessory like a witch’s hat, cape, or mask.

Seeing their coworkers dressed up is an excellent way to add a festive ambience to otherwise stiff discussions, and also adds some humour to them. You can even consider offering a prize for the best get-up.

6. Send a Spooky Agenda

Organise your meetings with a Halloween-themed agenda. Format it like a witch’s potion book, a gravestone, or a Jack-o-lantern patch. Include creepy clip art and titles like “Tricky Topics” or “Ghoulish Goals.”

Email it to the attendees so they know which spooky activities are planned. Referencing your creative agenda keeps things efficient while also adding to the fun. You can also draw a few interesting festive symbols on the whiteboard present in the meeting rooms.

7. Add Festive Food and Drinks

Any festive celebration is incomplete without food and drinks. So, complete your Halloween meeting experience by providing seasonal foods and beverages like caramel apples, bat-shaped cookies, hot apple cider, and spider doughnuts.

Tasty treats can give attendees something to look forward to and enjoy. They can also make your meetings feel more special as compared to the usual conference room fare.

Looking for a thrilling way to celebrate Halloween with your team? GO Bermondsey’s consciously designed meeting rooms can help make your business meetings unforgettable. Our modern coworking space features everything you need to host productive meetings.

Why Choose GO Bermondsey’s Meeting Rooms

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