The 5 Desirable Meeting Rooms in London Bridge to Make Your Podcasts Effective

Work Efficiently   •   Published on January 11, 2023

Podcasting is a popular and growing medium for entertainment, sharing stories, and building an audience. Whether you are a seasoned podcaster or just starting, finding a suitable space to record your podcasts is crucial for creating professional-quality content.

Based in London Bridge and looking for a meeting room to host guests and record your podcast? You are not limited by options. London Bridge is home to many high-end and accessible coworking spaces with well-equipped and modern meeting rooms perfect for your recording sessions.

So, here are the top 5 meeting rooms in London Bridge that offer the best amenities to make your podcast effective.

1. GO Bermondsey

GO Bermondsey is home to some of the best meeting spaces in London Bridge. Situated on 37 Tanner Street, GO Bermondsey is not your typical meeting room facility. Instead, it is a collection of heritage buildings transformed into professional spaces. The meeting rooms here perfectly blend modern amenities and traditional aesthetics for podcasting.

GO Bermondsey Meeting rooms are equipped with comfortable desks, couches, and large wall-mount screens. You get fast Wi-Fi connection for episodes when guests join remotely via video. At the GO Bermondsey coworking facility, you get 24/7 access to meeting rooms so you can host your podcasts at your convenience.

GO Bermondsey’s meeting room facility is easily accessible and well-connected to other parts of London. The City, Waterloo, and Westminster are just a 15-minute tube ride from the London Bridge Station. As for guests with personal vehicles, a parking facility is also available. In addition, GO Bermondsey meeting rooms are available on-demand irrespective of the team size.

2. Runway East London Bridge

Runway East London Bridge is another excellent location for hosting a podcast recording session. It’s conveniently located near London Bridge and has a range of meeting rooms equipped with all the essentials, including a whiteboard, large TV with HDMI cable, and comfortable seating.

In addition to the meeting rooms, Runway East London Bridge offers plenty of breakout space, phone booths, an onsite cafe, and a beautiful roof terrace with stunning views of the city. These additional amenities provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for recording your podcast and can be used for breaks or private conversations during your recording session.

3. The Workers League

The Workers League is located on Bonhill Street, just five minutes from Old Street Station. It offers some of the most high-end podcasting meeting rooms in the London Bridge area. The windows and glass walls make the meeting rooms feel bright and airy. Also, you get all the necessary amenities like whiteboards, a screen, and flipcharts.

The Workers League offers complimentary tea and coffee along with catering on request, so it is an ideal meeting space for hosting guests for long-form podcasts. Amenities include fast Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and a fully equipped kitchen and lounge area. In addition, the meeting rooms here are ideal for a podcast with a gathering of 4 to 7 people.

4. Landmark Monument

Landmark Monument is a convenient and professional location for hosting a podcast recording session in London. Located just a short walk from London Bridge Station and Monument tube station, the venue offers a range of high-quality meeting rooms suitable for recording podcasts.

The meeting rooms at Landmark Monument are equipped with the latest tech and equipment to ensure that you can create professional-quality podcasts with minimal background noise or distractions. The space is ideal for hosting teams of 8 to 14 individuals, including guests.

In addition, the venue offers breath-taking views of the city, providing a unique and memorable setting for your podcast recording session.

5. Uncommon Borough

Uncommon Borough is a coworking space in London that offers meeting rooms for various purposes, including podcasts and other audio-based content. Amenities include a roof terrace, a dedicated wellness area, and fast Wi-Fi.

The coworking space is also conveniently located just minutes from Borough and London Bridge stations, providing easy access to some of the best transport links in London. Meeting rooms at Uncommon Borough are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 24 people.

To Conclude

These were the five best meeting rooms you can hire in London Bridge for podcast recording sessions. All these meeting spaces are well connected by tube and cabs to other parts of London, making them easily accessible to your team and guests. Meeting rooms are also of varying capacity, so you are not limited by options for one of those multi-guest episodes.