The Best Co-Working Space in Tanner Street & Tower Bridge– GO Bermondsey

Our Community   •   Published on November 2, 2022

The co-working hub has come a long way since its inception in the early 2000s. Prompted by a desire for flexibility and collaboration transcending one’s organisational community, co-working saw a dramatic rise in popularity throughout the 2010s. And then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, triggering hitherto unimaginable changes in nearly all spheres of work and life. With life hobbling back to familiar routines, co-working offices are once again beginning to attract businesses. 

Three Key Forces Driving the Popularity of Co-working

The trend of co-working was adversely affected by the pandemic, not least on account of a collective phobia about public spaces. However, with flexible and hybrid arrangements emerging as the centrepiece of the pandemic working experience, the co-working model appears set to resume once again. Here are three significant forces driving the popularity of co-working in post-pandemic times:

  1. Businesses in a State of Flux: Businesses are becoming more complex. It is thus becoming difficult for one central office setting to meet their shifting needs. 
  2. Rise of the Gig Economy: With an increase in the number of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors, the demand for a flexible workspace and good community is growing.
  3. Need for Flexibility in Work Life: The pandemic and resultant lockdowns reshaped attitudes with regard to traditional workspaces, driving home the need for greater autonomy, adaptability, and flexibility.  

Why Everybody is Going to Love GO Bermondsey

The ideal co-working workspace is lively and energetic, filled with people from diverse backgrounds, industries, and fields, and marked by a palpable sense of community spirit. Speaking of tangibles, it should be equipped with a wide array of amenities including – but not limited to – internet connectivity, cleaning services, printing & scanning facilities, meeting & conference rooms, and pantry and kitchenette. 

Not only does GO Bermondsey’s latest venture on Tanner Street, Tower Bridge fulfil all the above requirements, it has plenty more on offer. A heritage building with sleek and modern interiors including free flowing sun-lit spaces, this elegant co-working office boasts the finest of business and recreational facilities, promising a wholesome, fulfilling work experience. 

Here’s a brief look at what makes GO Bermondsey’s shared workspace in London the perfect destination for businesses seeking office precincts that intertwine work, live, and play:

A Non-Traditional Workspace!  

An uncharacteristic office space, the work environment is customisable according to your needs. So there are fully furnished workstations, hot desks – ideal for hybrid and self-employed workers – as well as dedicated desks for those who prefer a more settled place to work. 

Fulfil Your Business Needs!

There’s the latest tech infrastructure, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and private offices. Feel free to accommodate all team members in a tranquil yet vibrant setting, and conduct client meetings in a professional set-up while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

An Address You Could be Proud of!

Located near London’s major landmarks, the GO Bermondsey co-working space is surprisingly easy to commute to. Added to the value of working at an easily accessible workplace is the perk of having a prestigious office address – something that will appeal to both clients and employees!

Build a Community & Network!

The GO Bermondsey office space comes with none of the limitations of a traditional office structure and all of its perks. This is a fantastic place for networking, connecting, collaborating, and building a community with driven and like-minded individuals beyond the confines of your organisation. What it could basically mean is greater innovation, more productivity, and exciting networking events!

Promote Well-Being!

At GO Bermondsey, there will be ample opportunities for meaningful social interactions and building camaraderie with people from diverse backgrounds. This kind of work setting has been shown by research to be good for mental well-being, boosting employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Practical and affordable for start-ups and small to medium businesses alike, the GO Bermondsey shared workspace in London epitomises the modern, reimagined workspace. Be it self-employed workers, small teams, or larger teams, everybody is going to absolutely love this co-working space!