The Impact of Design of a Co-working Space on Your Productivity

Work Efficiently   •   Published on January 11, 2023

Shared offices and co-working spaces are witnessing a considerable rise in demand as independent businesses and entrepreneurs look for alternatives to traditional workspaces. However, as people now shift to these open-plan spaces, concerns regarding productivity are becoming too real. As a result, employers are tasked with picking spaces that exceed employee expectations and promote productivity.

After all, where you work significantly affects how you work. In fact, several studies have pointed out the relationship between a well-designed workspace and satisfied employees. This means that anything from natural plants to comfortable furniture can improve how people work. With that in mind, here’s how the design of a co-working space can impact your productivity.

Natural Lighting

Good lighting conditions are a key aspect of any well-designed co-working space. Access to natural light is known to boost work efficiency and improve your mood and is the number one attribute valued by employees in a workplace. Besides, natural lighting keeps you focused, alert, and energised at work.

On the other hand, a workspace with bright, fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and even lead to anxiety and stress. Thereby affecting your work performance.

Use of Vibrant Colours

Nobody likes to work in a dull and dark environment that feels gloomy and takes away their productive streak. And colours have a deep impact on our psychology. Which is why a co-working space with vibrant colours, graphics, and artwork can enliven the work environment and help people stay fresh, productive, and motivated.

Not to forget, lively décor and balanced colour scheme reflect the workspace environment and give the space a unique character. In addition to psychological impact, the right colour at a co-working workspace can also affect our perception of a space. For instance, dark shades can make an already small space more cramped, affecting work efficiency.

Ergonomic Furniture

Co-working spaces are characterised by the flexibility, comfort, and convenience they offer to their members. And the correct type of furniture that creates a relaxed and comfortable environment can make all the difference in your productivity.

This includes comfy sofas in the break rooms or common areas, adjustable chairs for better posture, desks with ample storage and adjustable height for a productive work experience. Coworking spaces know this – the ergonomic furniture is designed for the users’ comfort to ensure nothing affects their focus and plummets productivity.

Presence of Nature

It is a known fact that humans tend to seek connection with nature and other life forms. Not to forget, people are generally happier working in outdoor spaces. That is why co-working spaces that bring the outdoors indoors with a view of the city or place green plants in every room can help boost your productivity significantly.

Being around plants and nature impacts you in three positive ways – it reduces workday stress, improves mood, and enhances cognition. As a result, many modern co-working hubs have also developed the idea further by offering flexible workplaces on rooftops, courtyards, and gardens.

Space Layout

Co-working spaces are widely popular for the collaborative and efficient work environment they offer. Now, this is made possible with a combination of open and closed spaces layout and varied seating options.

While co-working as a model was primarily built on the concept of hot-desking, co-working hubs with dedicated work desks, conference rooms, and private offices help exceed user expectations and promote productivity. These closed spaces encourage communication, interaction, and brainstorming to boost creative innovation and performance.

Moreover, a clean, quiet, and well-organised office space allows you to think clearly without any distractions, unlike a disorganised space that allows no room to move freely.

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