Why October Is the Best Month to Move into A New Private Office?

private office in London   •   Published on October 17, 2023

Choosing the right time to move into a new private office can be just as important as finding the perfect place. It is a decision that could have an impact on your company’s growth, your team’s productivity, and your overall well-being as a professional. While there might not be a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem, one month stands out as an optimal choice for making this pivotal change – October.

As the leaves start to change colour and the weather starts to get colder, October offers favourable conditions to ease the process of moving into a new private office space. From the pleasant weather to potential cost savings, and the psychological boost of a fresh start, there are several reasons why October is the ideal month to make this change. Keep reading to find out more!

 1. Comfortable Weather

One of the primary advantages of shifting into a new office space in October is the comfortable weather. As autumn advances it brings relief from the heat of the summer months, and marks the beginning of approaching winter. The moderate temperature of this month is ideal for relocating. You will not have to deal with super-hot or really cold days, which can make the process of moving quite difficult. October offers relatively dry weather, minimising the  chances of rain showers or snowfall that could impede the move. Also, the picturesque autumn landscapes with their colourful hues can enhance your moving experience, making it a memorable and enjoyable transition.

2. Enhanced Space Availability

As October arrives, the busy summer moving season gradually slows down, which means there may be a higher availability of private office spaces to choose from. This gives you more options for finding your ideal private office. There are fewer people looking for offices, so a variety of workspaces tend to be vacant. This increased availability makes it easier to locate an office space that fits your needs and goals. Whether you are looking for a cosy space, a desk or a larger workstation, this season gives you the opportunity to explore and secure the office space you desire.

3. Cost Saving

Cost saving is another major benefit of relocating in October. Compared to other busier months, such as January or September, October experiences less competition in terms of relocation to private office spaces. The reduced demand for office spaces this month provides an opportunity to land favourable lease terms. As a result, you may be able to negotiate for incentives like rent discounts, and flexible leasing options. Many moving companies offer discounts during the off-season, which might considerably lower your moving costs. 

4. Planning for the Year Ahead

Moving during October offers you ample time to settle into your new private offices before the end of the year. By making your move well in advance, you can start preparing for the upcoming year without the added stress of relocating. Your move may entail setting up new systems and processes, and arranging office layouts in your new private office. By starting the year with a fully operational office, you can hit the ground running, thus maximising your productivity and efficiency.

5. Get Ready for Year-End Goals

It is also the ideal time to work together with your team to develop new goals and plans, and to reflect on what you have achieved so far in the year, set new goals, and get motivated to give your best performance. It provides the chance to ignite interest and focus, ensuring effective use of the remaining time in the year. By choosing to relocate in October, you are preparing your team for the vibrant holiday season ahead with a strong sense of purpose, fostering an atmosphere of achievement and togetherness as the year comes to a close.

6. Preparation for the Festive Season

By the end of October, a festive atmosphere begins to permeate your office space, setting the stage for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you are planning office parties or thinking of hosting clients at the end of the year, moving in during October will give you ample time to plan, thus ensuring that your office will be ready for the festive season right on time. Use this opportunity to turn your office into a winter wonderland, and create special memories with your team and clients.

7. Optimal Networking Opportunities

October is an exciting time for networking, with numerous events and conferences happening all around. When you move into your private office this month, you gain access to excellent networking opportunities. Your newly acquired workspace can be used as a central location for holding gatherings, building relationships, and promoting your business’s integration within the local community. These events allow you to engage with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and expand your professional network.

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