5 Reasons a Flexible Workspace is the Right Option for Your Start-Up

Workspace Solutions   •   Published on November 2, 2022

According to figures compiled by Co-working Resources in 2020, start-ups, independent business owners, and entrepreneurs accounted for 65% of the occupants in newly opened co-working office spaces. More recent research by The Instant Group reveals that the demand for flexible workspaces has grown by an astounding 22% in 2022 in most cities in the UK, indicating that co-working is here to stay. Start-up businesses have long since used co-working spaces primarily on account of the flexibility they offer. Unsurprisingly, even household names such as Uber and Instagram were developed and launched in co-working offices. If you own a start-up, here are five top reasons you should choose a co-working office. 

Enjoy Flexibility

Coworking spaces offer the flexibility that start-ups need in the early stages of growth. With varying membership options, you may begin with a few flexi-desks and – as your team begins to expand – upgrade to a private office within the same co-working setup. Likewise, should you suffer a temporary economic setback, it is easy to downsize operations in a co-working environment. Moreover, with an appealingly vibrant environment and facilities that start-ups require to remain competitive, flexible workspaces are intrinsic to business agility in 2022. 

Deploy Better Technology

Co-working hubs come equipped with the tech tools and resources required by your growing business. These include fast internet connectivity, on-site presentation equipment such as whiteboards & projectors, recording equipment such as tripods & video cameras, and basic office hardware such as scanners, printers, and photocopying machines. Additionally, there are automated co-working spaces in which Wi-Fi access, door access, invoicing, payments, booking of meeting rooms, and tracking access of employees are enabled via a powerful integrated tech stack.

Get Opportunities for Networking & Collaboration

Co-working is characterised by a strong networking environment that enables collaboration, fostering organic business connections. This is particularly advantageous to start-ups and entrepreneurs, who are looking to discuss strategies with like-minded professionals, grow their professional contacts, and generally stay connected on their entrepreneurial journey. Events such as professional workshops, discussions with leaders, and mentoring programmes can be great opportunities for networking with people from the industry and beyond. 

Access a Range of Amenities

Small businesses and start-ups across the UK are beginning to prefer amenity-rich spaces that are conveniently located, aesthetically appealing, and offer services that fulfil business needs, going beyond the usual. The Instant Group’s UK Flex Market report shows that non-traditional, amenity-rich workspaces have a significantly higher average occupancy rate (82%) than traditional spaces. Preferred out-of-the-box amenities could include private meeting and conference rooms that support virtual webinars, secure infrastructure to avoid corporate espionage, parking facility, airport drop and pick-up facility, and recreational spaces to relax and unwind. 

Save Costs

Unsurprisingly, co-working hubs present a far more affordable option as compared to renting a regular office. For start-ups, it is a win-win situation as they save on overheads while getting to offer greater flexibility to their employees. Additionally, the prestigious address and professional business environment can help them make the right impression on visitors, and prospective clients & partners. Also, the co-working model spares start-up companies the bother of operations, logistics, and maintenance, allowing them instead to focus their time, energy, and money on business growth.

Why GO Bermondsey is the Perfect Co-working Space

The GO Bermondsey flexible office space on Tanner Street, London has just about everything a start-up business might want or need. Located inside a heritage building, this co-working station boasts elegant interiors and a biophilic layout which includes green outdoor spaces that are presently being designed by award-winning landscape architects. Apart from the convenient address and pleasing aesthetics, the workspace is brimming with facilities including conference rooms, state-of-the-art tech & business infrastructure, and recreational spaces. The pièce de résistance, however, is the lively exuberant atmosphere, conducive to strengthening business networks and collaborations beyond one’s organisation.  Supportive and engaging, this is truly the workspace that will inspire your business to grow and flourish.