Co-Working or Work from Home? Know Which Is Beneficial for Your Business

Research and Insights   •   Published on March 2, 2023

Entrepreneurs usually need more funds to get their own working space when starting a new business. Due to this, many opt to work from home initially to save expenses while the company gets off the ground.

Meanwhile, others choose co-working spaces that are comparatively more affordable than dedicated offices. Below is the comparison between coworking offices and working from home, which can benefit your business.

Benefits and Limitations of Working from Home

Post Covid-19 working from home is a popular choice among businesses and freelancers. Despite the availability of premium coworking spaces, working remotely comes with its bag of advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of Working from Home

Increased flexibility

Working from home allows for a more flexible schedule. Employees can work when they are most productive, whether early in the morning or late at night. This flexibility can help employees balance work with personal responsibilities and improve their work-life balance.

Saves time and money

There is no daily commute to the office, which saves time and money. Ultimately, “not going to the office” reduces stress from dealing with everyday traffic or public transportation.

Improved productivity

There are no distractions and interruptions from co-workers or office noise in the work-from-home format. So, employees can create a comfortable and personalized work environment that can improve their productivity.

Access to a broader pool of talent

Employers can expand their talent pool beyond their local area by allowing remote work. This can lead to a more diverse and skilled workforce.

Environmental benefits

Fewer people go out on the street to reach the office, reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover, it reduces the energy usage and waste generated by an office building.

Disadvantages of Working from Home

Lack of Social Interaction

Remote workers may feel isolated and lonely due to the lack of face-to-face interaction with colleagues. It can lead to a decreased sense of belonging and team spirit because virtual communication can sometimes lack clarity and lead to misunderstandings.

Family distraction

Family can be a distraction during working hours as they might require attention or contribute to household noise, making work challenging.

Mental and Physical Health Challenges

Working from home can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity, impacting overall health. The lack of routine and structure can negatively impact mental health, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.

Blurred line of personal and professional sphere

When working remotely, it can get tricky for employees to separate their work from their personal lives. Employees may feel overwhelmed by the amalgamation of work in their personal space and lives.

Technology and Equipment Issues

Technical difficulties, such as internet connectivity issues or malfunctioning equipment, can occur when working from home. Remote workers may have access to different technology and resources than they would in the office, impacting their ability to complete tasks efficiently.

Is Co-working in London More Suitable?

The clear answer is that coworking in London can provide all the perks and amenities of a fully functional private office. And what’s better is that coworking offices come at a fractional cost, including furnished space and other facilities. Moreover, it allows people to connect within an ecosystem of different entrepreneurs while socialising with like-minded people.

Coworking space in London is comparatively less expensive than in private offices. Coworking space providers like Go Bermondsey provide shared offices, meeting rooms, co-working desks, and virtual offices. Choosing managed office spaces is always an option if you believe it gets crowded and has an intrusive environment.

Compared to working from home, coworking offices have many advantages. Many premium coworking spaces also provide flexible memberships, so one doesn’t have to book the space for a long time and can choose it based on their timetable. Moreover, it helps keep the workers flexible, as they can adapt to the changing environment.

Why Choose Coworking Offices?

Humans are naturally social creatures, and the isolation that comes with working remotely can be troublesome. But while coworking, one can interact with different people regularly. Here are some compelling reasons to choose a coworking space: –

Build a community easily

Not only do coworking spaces help in removing social boundaries, but they also help in building a community of connections. Moreover, working in a place that has like-minded people can further increase energy.

A great place for networking

A coworking space usually has several businesses from different sectors in the same room. Thus, the networking opportunities are even higher. It can also result in better collaboration while allowing a free flow of ideas.

Work-life balance

Working from a coworking space also allows employees to have a healthy demarcation between work and their homes. It can reduce the chances of blurring lines between personal lives and work and thus can reduce burnout.

Top-notch facilities

Coworking offices provide access to  best-in-class facility, which ensures employee well-being. Employees can work in peace with the latest amenities around them. They get shared or private desks, high-speed internet, great furniture, meeting rooms, and other facilities.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between working from home and coworking in London can take time and effort. While it can vary for people, coworking spaces indeed make the work environment more conducive while also increasing the scope for better collaboration. One can look at the available options and gauge them against the requirement in combination with one’s personality to choose the best option.

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